Alternative therapies

“Everything in the Universe has a frequency, a vibration, Mother Earth too, and they provide us with everything we need to return the balance that our body, mind and soul need to live this life to the fullest and in harmony.”

Treatments and Therapies

About Me

Lourdes Llados

My name is Lourdes Llados. I was born in Barcelona (Spain) and I have lived in Wisconsin Dells, WI (USA) from 2008. I am a natural healer who has worked with a holistic healing, therapy, and treatment approach for 25 years. I offer alternative therapies through an alternative holistic health service to help people heal naturally.

Healing naturally

I am passionate about my work and love what I do. I am very grateful to be able to work in what I like the most. Helping someone feel better through a variety of holistic healing therapies means an immense fulfillment for me.

My goal

My goal is to always do my best for each person. To recover their health, happiness, and wellbeing in a natural way.

My studies and certifications

Diploma in Chinese Medicine and Nutrition from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. I graduated in Homeopathy at the Heilpraktiker Institut. And I completed my studies and was certified through the years for holistic healing and alternative therapies such as flower essences, massage therapy, cupping, quantum biomagnetism.

I am a natural healer who works with holistic healing, therapy, treatment. I offer alternative therapies to help people heal naturally.

For me, this life is a great adventure.  I love traveling, discovering and getting into new cultures.  It is very enriching.  I also love to be in contact with nature, to let myself be enveloped by its beauty and energy.  And finally I love to read, research and study.  I am always surrounded by books.

“I first went to Lourdes when my chiropractor recommended to see a therapist to relieve my increasingly worsening trigger finger.  She worked on my arm and whole body that day with massage and cupping.  It was a miracle for me… she totally relieved my worst symptoms.  And after 4 or 5 sessions with her it was completely healed.
Sonja, Client
This was about 2 1/2 years ago and since then every 3 to 5 months when I start experiencing any “normal” age related stiffness or pain in my arms, joints, or body I go to her, and she totally sorts it out.  She uses a mixture of therapy and cupping which really works incredibly well for me.  Beyond grateful to have her in my world… she listens and is gentle, kind, and intuitive, and without a doubt a healer.”
Sonja, Client
“I met Lourdes through a friend who recommended her to me.  I suffered from severe pain due to kidney stones.  I went to her office a bit skeptical but I was wrong.  She gave me a treatment using generators with frequencies and the pain disappeared after a few minutes (I fell asleep during the treatment) and continued working remotely for a few days.  She gave me some recommendations to detoxify the body and to change my diet and I feel much better.  It is a new form of healing for me and I am very grateful to have found it.”
John, Client
“I feel that I have been born again.  Now my life is full of color, sensations, emotions,  gentleness, capable and balance… I feel very grateful for that.  Only now have I realized that I have been trapped for a long time.  Trapped in a body that was totally empty, anchored in resignation and not accepting that my life was like that.  For a long time I have felt tired and in many physical problems.  And I had neither the strength nor the energy to change this.
Emily, Client
The Bach Flowers have made me wake up slowly and gently.  Little by little I have been perceiving myself and I have felt the need to act in the face of new perspectives on myself.  I am still amazed at the power that Bach Flowers have given me.  Even the fatigue and physical problems have disappeared …  And this is something that I would never have imagined, or even dreamed of.  They have a strong ability to gently awaken precious things within, and change negativity.  I’m very grateful to have found her.”
Emily, Client
Lourdes was friendly, welcoming, and informative. I had a biofeedback session, I felt rejuvenated and balanced. The session gave me a lot of insight on my health state. Lourdes gave me recommendations for after care for my recovery to go by quicker. I enjoyed the cozy atmosphere and the premises was clean. I was impressed with the experience. I would recommend Lourdes to everyone!
Allison, Client
I went to visit Lourdes because I’m always having allergies. During the mornings I would wake up stuffy and tired. I been visited a couple times and she’s been treating me with the biofeedback treatment, I can start to feel the differences
Jared, Client
I started having Biomagnetism treatment with Lourdes because I had chronic fatigue. I was able to notice the difference in just one session. Her magnet treatments were very effective, I was able to relax, I feel more energetic. I sleep better and I have a clearer mind. I recommend this therapy with Lourdes and I’m grateful for all the tips she gave me.
John, Client
Lourdes provided such a comforting and healing space. I personally felt more grounded and in-tune with my body, learning what and where I should focus on my healing journey on. I feel everyone should experience a biofeedback service, and learn more about their own state of being.
Carmen, Client
I’ve done 3 bio feedback sessions with Lourdes and I’ve been really happy and satisfied. I struggle with sleep disturbances, low vitamin deficiencies and a life long sugar addiction. Within the first session I found a huge difference, I was able to get a better nights sleep and didn’t feel as irritated. Lourdes was professional, caring and trusting. Definitely worth a visit!
Randi, Client
I booked a session to treat past trauma and hormone imbalances. It was my first ever biofeedback appointment and Lourdes was very informative and open to sharing some tips I could use for self care after the appointment. So far it’s been very helpful to connect my mind body and soul. It was a really healing experience, would recommend!
Greta, Client
I highly recommend Lourdes. Whether I have a stuck emotion or a pain in the body, after a biofeedback session I always feel a sense of relief. I don’t know how it happens. Her latest machine is amazing. It looks at all body levels, the immune system, the endocrine system, emotions, chakras, traumas, etc. It first does a scan and then sends healing to whatever needs the most healing. Also, her knowledge about any body ailment is extensive and very helpful. Besides that she is a very nice and friendly person.
Elise, Client
I have known Lourdes for more than 25 years. I am also a Therapist, my health is quite good, but I have always had a problem: Insomnia. I have resisted taking drugs and tried to solve my problem with natural methods, but without much success… until one day Lourdes told me about the Biofeedback and proposed a remote session, since I live in Barcelona, ​​Spain and she in United States. And since the day of the blessed session my Insomnia has disappeared… I hardly even believed it, but now all those endless nights have gone down in history for me. I am very grateful to Lourdes… and I am speaking highly of her and her work.
Anna Pujol, Client