Biomagnetism achieves the bioenergetic balance of the body.

“Biomagnetism or biomagnetic therapy is a scientific and therapeutic technique whose main objective is to achieve the bioenergetic balance of the body through the alternative use of magnets.”

Dr Isaac Goiz Duran MD developed the theory of biomagnetism and of biomagnetic therapy through his clinical work over more than 25 years.  According to biomagnetism’s theory, the correct positioning of the magnets on the body produces a balance in the PH.  This makes the environment hostile to pathogens such as parasites, bacteria and fungi, as an imbalance caused these to proliferate.


On the contrary, healthy cells begin to live in a healthy, balanced, and ideal environment where they can recover and create healing.  These healthy cells and its environment in turn strengthen the immune system.  This keeps pathogens that cause various diseases at bay.  The perfect balance that is achieved with biomagnetism is called homeostasis, known as the perfectly balanced state of the body.

Biomagnetic Therapy

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Biomagnetism or biomagnetic therapy achieves the bioenergetic balance of the body.

Biomagnetism restores PH balance

By restoring the PH balance, the organs essential for the proper functioning of the body, such as the liver, stomach, pancreas, lungs, types and intestines are made to function properly.  To achieve this, medium intensity magnets are placed on specific areas of the body.

Quantum biomagnetic therapy

Quantum biomagnetic therapy is an energetic work, the magnets are not physically applied.  The therapy works on a physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional and mental level.

Science tells us that everything in this universe is made up of energy, and it is present in different shapes, affecting everything.  Connecting with the client’s energetic body through the intention and in communication with the Source will restore all physical, energetic and spiritual imbalances.

This therapy can be done in person or remotely.